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Songs from the Rock Church
HeavyHandedPraise CD Cover

Songs from the Rock Church

Paul's sophmore album offers a mix of songs used in contemporary worship at Corinth Church in Hickory, NC and never-before-heard tracks as his experiences at the Rock Church lead him further down his walk with the Lord. For more information, contact Paul Cummings or visit my MySpace site.

Special thanks again to Ricky Rodriguez at Bomb House Studio in Morganton NC for his role in bringing this labor of love to fruition.


2008-08-11: Review the Album

There are multiple places online where you can review Paul's album. With the album being new to iTunes, your reviews could really benefit him. If you have iTunes and have heard Songs from the Rock Church, please follow the link above and leave a comment. No iTunes purchase is necessary.

2008-07-11: Songs from the Rock Church on iTunes

Now you can have Paul on your iPod without having to rip the CD. Download one song, the whole album, or learn how to set-up any of Paul's songs as your ringtone! If you do not have iTunes and are not interested in setting it up, you can also donwload the album from DigStation or order an actual CD from CDBaby.

2007-01-14: Paul opened for Avalon

After judge and audience input yesterday, Paul opened for Avalon at WMIT's Heart of Worship concert!

Paul, we see Jesus in YOU! Rock on, Brother!!

2007-01-13: WMIT's Heart of Worship Star Search

Paul's performing Saturday along with two other finalists at the Grove Park Inn before an audience and panel of judges. The winner opens for Avalon during the Saturday night Heart of Worship Celebration concert!

Thanks for all your prayers and votes! If you want to come, tickets may still be available if you call rather than book through the internet!

2007-01-01: Listen to "Jesus In Me"

This is Paul's entry into WMIT's Heart of Worship Star Search. Listen to "Jesus In Me" online (MP3, 3.3MB).

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